Top computer golf games to enjoy during winter.

If the President’s Cup has taught us anything this weekend it is that no matter how hard we try to avoid it, Mother nature has the final say. We live in a country that can see the warmest of summers and the harshest of winters. Snow will eventually fall on the beautiful course here in Kahnawake rendering it useless until the spring arrives. If you are an avid golfer this can be months of boredom, but it does not have to be that way.

There are many things you can do during the winter months to fill your time with golf including;

  • Playing computer golfing games
  • Watching golf on video

  • Practicing your swing at an indoor range or mini putt

  • Reading and watching videos on how to improve your game

PattonglensPar3-CandyLand Golf

Did you know that golfing games are highly popular and that many people agree they are actually harder than the real game and quite realistic? Have you or would you consider using this an an alternative method? If not, you really should. Computer games allow the entire family to enjoy your passion for golf and they make a great gift for the holidays.

 Just like golf courses, there are some computer games that are better than others. Here is a list of some of the best computer golfing games.

For those who prefer free, these online games are the top shots:

If you want a more real life experience that you can share with the whole family, these games are the most recommended by gamers around the world.

  • John Daly’s Pro Stroke Golf for PC

  • Tiger Wood PGA 12 – The Masters

  • Hank Hanley World Golf

Finally if your looking for something a little bit different, the SIM’s versions of golf include building your own courses. How cool is that?

Remember, you do not have to live without golf during the winter months, you simply have to alter the game a little.

Pattonsglenpar3 would like to advise everyone that the course will be closed as of October 31st and we look forward to next spring when we can once again welcome you into our home of family golf fun.

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Golf gadgets with a game of their own!

Everyone is well aware that golf can be an expensive sport to participate in and just how expensive depends on where you play and how you play.

Luckily, Pattonsglenpar3 is not your average golf course, and its cost is relatively cheap. The main focus of our course is to encourage families in and around the Kahnawake, Quebec area to spend quality together while learning the sport, therefore it is more of a community golf course. This is not the case for most golf courses, in fact some private golf courses can cost an entire year’s salary for average income earners.

When it comes to top of the line golf products, gadgets are a small price to pay for gaining an edge in your game. While I am not sure how helpful this golf gadget is to improving your game itself, it sure is pretty neat and expensive too.

If your an avid golfer, you know you would do anything to try out this 58,000 Golf Cart Hovercraft. Of course if you want to buy it, you will have to be able to fork over a mere 58 grand to pay for it, without blinking an eye. Its too rich for my blood, however I sure would like to take a spin in one.

Pattons Glen Par 3 - Hovercraft

For the rest of us, there are a few cool golf gadgets that are more in our target price range that is sure to get your game on. When your looking for a great golf gift, fun and practical is always the way to go.

Here are some golf gifts and gadget inspirations to get you on the right course.

Golf Gadget 2

Golf Gadget 3

IOGotcha GOlf

While technically used for football games, I can still see this being a great golfing gift too!



Happy Golfing everyone and remember when your looking to spend a nice weekend with the family and your in our area, do not forget golfing is a great way to do just that!






Pattons Glen Par 3 is in full swing with a whole lot more than golf.

With the golfing season in full swing here at Patton’s Glen Par3, we invite you to come out and enjoy the golf greens during the record heat wave that we are going to be experiencing in the upcoming weeks.

It has recently come to our attention, that we are not only sharing our beautiful land with the avid golfer or occasional player, we are also sharing it with some of nature’s little creatures.

Fish Ponds PattonsGlen Par3

The mini ponds have become home to schools of fish and it looks like we have been graced with the eggs of a snapping turtle in our sand banks. We are waiting in anticipation to see how many baby turtles will hatch and survive.  Another one of earth’s creatures that will dare to cross our greens on a daily basis is a shiny red coated fox. Interestingly enough, this fox will cross without so much as a glance at our golfers as it nonchalantly passes them by.

When you come out to play a round of golf, we highly recommend that you bring your camera as you will be able to take a few pictures of these tiny creatures. The people that you share the pictures with will be most surprised to learn that you had taken them while perfecting your golfing skills at Patten’s Glen Par 3’s golf course.

baby snapping turtle PattonsGlenPar3

Besides critters, did you know that Patt0n’s Glen Par 3 golf course also carriers a choice of golf clubs to rent?

We also have hand caddies and electric golf carts available for rent so there is no need to go home if you are passing by, to get your clubs.  If you do not have your equipment handy, simply come on in and rent some, so you don’t waste (what golfers refer to as) precious golfers daylight. You will notice that at Patton’s Glen Par3, we have regular golfers who frequent our course on a daily or weekly basis,  numerous families who come out to enjoy a few hours doing something that brings them closer without computers and electronic game boxes and there is plenty of room for you to enjoy some golf alongside the critters!

If you have a group that would require some lessons, be sure to ask at the front desk if there is someone available to help.  You can always call before arriving, just to make sure.  Patton’s Glen par 3 will accommodate anyone and everyone whenever we can, it is a family golf course after all!

Red Fox - PattonsGlenPar3

Some Interesting Golf Facts:

  • Did you know that on a par 3 hole, you will probably use an iron on your tee shot, or you might use an iron off every tee to have a better control over your shot?
  • Did you know the irons are designed with divots in mind, so that when you take a shot and you accidentally take out big pieces of grass, it does not do as much damage to the greens?
  • Did you know that the ball is positioned to be hit in a downswing motion requiring the irons to be made with a slight slant? This makes them much easier to be used in the fairways.

If a day in the countryside with some natural born critters and a round of golf on a hot summer day sounds like something you would like to do, come on down, the Golf is Right!


For the love of golf, get us out of here!

Anxious to play my very first game of golf,  I ran up ahead of everyone else to get the best view.  Being a rookie, it did not take me long to realize that something about this golf course just did not seem quite right.  It was someone dark and unwelcoming and not what I had expected at all, but I thought well it is probably just the trees making it appear this way. Located in a remote golf course in the middle of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, I shook off the terrible feeling I had and attributed it to first time jitters,  I  eagerly went to the ticket booth determined to inform the owner that this is the place that I chose to be my very first golf experience.

He was not very welcoming and did not seem to care that this was a new experience for me, it is not really that he should have, only that I felt he could have been a bit more enthusiastic since clearly there was no one else around.

Minutes later,  my father in law arrived and as the experienced member of our group, I let him do all the talking.  When he came back to the group, he informed us that while it was certainly our choice to golf,  there was a small problem at the golf course and that was the reason for this rather odd and unwelcoming reception.  It turned out that it was high mosquito time in the area and golfing was not that popular with the locals during this time.


Travelling for days in a car and determined to play at least one round of golf,  we decided that we would just get some bug spray and deal with it.   We live in the country and are used to these pests.

I headed back to the car to get the bug spray and my son. When I turned to walk towards the car, I was horrified to see my son  sleeping peacefully in his car seat surround by hundreds of mosquitos.  Screaming, I ran to the car and got him out of there.  Luckily, he was well covered and did not get bitten and was unaware of what was happening.  It was at that moment, that I decided there was not going to be any golfing for me that day.  I told my husband and father to go ahead without me,  I would stay well protected in the car with my son and besides I would only hold them up.

Fifteen minutes had passed when I saw both of them running towards the car and I started to laugh.  I now knew why the person who worked here was so unhappy, it was like a scene from a scary movie that should have been entitled, “Giant Killer Golf Mosquitos.”   Both of them looked horrified and simply said there was so many mosquitos golfing was not  possible.  They spent the entire fifteen minutes dodging the teeny tiny bloodsucking demons.  This was my horrific first time golf experience and a great golf story that I will be able to tell for years.  My son who is an adult, seems to cringe every time I tell it, perhaps those pests did bother him after all.

When I look back now, I realize that an unknown golf course in the middle of the Rocky Mountains is probably not the best choice location as there are many prestigious golf courses to choose from such as copper point seen below.  In fact, British Columbia is known for having some of the world’s best golf resorts.  Certainly, we did not end up in one of them.

Pattonsglenpar3- copperpoint golf course

The good news is the entire day was not a bust, we did find a great diner in the middle of nowhere that served the best chinese food that I have ever had. As for golfing, I think I will stick to Patton’s Glen Par3 and live without the added touch of a bloodsucking demon horror flick. That I can get on Netflix.

What was your first golf experience?  I sure hope it was better than mine!

What is a golf ball retriever and why would you need one?

A golf ball “grabber” or retriever is a tool that pick ups your golf ball so you do not have to “stoop” to get it. This is quite convenient if your ball is stuck in the mud, hidden in the rocks or sunk in knee deep water. They can make your golf game more enjoyable because they are kind of fun contraption to utilize and are “007 kind of cool.”

Igtocha golf retriever - Pattons's glen

Many golfers, especially those who are new to the game, tend to think its a bit ridiculous for players to use a golf ball grabber, but after a few back breaking rounds of golf, they often begin to realize the benefits:

  •  Golf Ball grabbers are extremely useful on a course that contains a great deal of ponds, lakes, wooded areas, and rock gardens.
  • It is a lot easier and safer to retrieve a ball that is lodge in a tree with one of these instead of climbing it and at PattonsGlen with all the trees, this is a huge possibility.
  • You can retrieve balls without stooping or bending down, for someone with knee problems, this is a welcome relief.
  • It will save you a great deal of money on having to buy golf balls every time you go to the course. Many times golfers just leave them because it is too difficult to find them.
  • They make perfect gifts for the golfer who has just about everything else.

Like all things in golf, ball retrievers are not created equally, there are several different retrievers on the market, some are good and some not so great.  You really have to check and make sure the one you buy is sturdy enough to withstand a variety of different terrains and environments.  The good news, they are all relatively cheap at thirty dollars each and  come in a variety of sizes from 6-18 feet long allowing you to get your ball from all different locations.

The most popular models are aptly named; the IGOTCHA and the Golden Retriever,  both are known for their reliability and durability.

This is a quintessential tool that every golfer should have, especially if they have trouble bending down or reaching.  Playing golf is about enjoying time outdoors and why shouldn’t it be easier and fun to do so?  Golf Retriever’s make a great Father’s day gift , which by the way is coming up next weekend.

 Remember a great game of golf with your dad at PattonsGlen is the best gift, one with a gift of ball retriever for Dad to use – priceless!

Patton’s is nature’s golf course in the heart of Kahnawake

Let's Golf! - Artificial TurfIt is almost like taking a double breath of fresh air when you turn the corner and see the greens in the distance knowing that within minutes you will be one with nature at Patton’s Glen Par 3.  What started off as artificial turf, has quickly turned into a well groomed, real grass friendly golf course, and the hottest place to be, from April till late October; weather permitting. Yes it is true, Patton’s replaced the artificial turf, because  it was a much more eco-friendly option and because many golfers prefer the real thing.

“The artificial turf did not give us the level of golf authenticity that we were going for and it just does not fit into the natural surroundings,” says  Charlie Patton, owner of  the famous family golf course located in Kahnawake, Qc. when asked why he made the switch.

As the years go by, the grounds take on a brand new life of their own. Maturing trees, fish ponds and more, is what drives me to want to come back to the course each year. I was anxious to see what gifts mother nature was going to spoil me with this year and I am happy to say, she did not disappoint.  There was so much new life and growth, it was absolutely breathtaking.

 ”Golf is a good walk spoiled.” ~ Mark Twain

I could hear my heart beating faster as I prepared to tee off at the very first hole, and then with the sound of a ping, I was off. I held my breath as the ball flew through the air and sailed into a fast declining drop. To my fascination, I landed on the greens just right off the flag. The following 8 holes fall into the same pattern and continued throughout my game. I came to the end of my game with a good score, good enough to make me want to play another nine holes. I then looked at my golfing companion,and saw that he was probably thinking the very same thing, and this, my friends, is how my golf season starts every year. I hope to see you on Patten’s Glen Par 3 greens this year.

Callaway - Pattons Glen Par3

What does your golf season start look like?  Share your stories on our social media platforms and perhaps you may win a free round of golf like Mathieu Pothier did just for engaging with us.

Pattons"s Glen Facebook twitter_64x64
You can link to our social media by clicking on the above images and do not forget we give away free rounds of golf when we reach a milestone of Facebook likes.  Encourage everyone to like our page and you never know, it might be you!

Welcome to a whole new season at Pattonsglenpar3 golf course!

We have finally cleared the snow on the golf course from what seemed like a gazillion snow storms that would never end.  Everytime we thought we were getting closer to spring, Mother Earth would throw a snowball in our face and we were starting to wonder if she was just having some fun at our expense.  Spring has finally arrived, the leaves are cleared and the course is ready to receive your family in pure Kahnawake native style.  As many of you know, our nine hole par 3 golf course is unlike any other golf course because everyone is welcome to come and play.  Whether you’re a seasoned professional or novice, the golf course has a more laid back friendly atmosphere than most golf courses and is a great place to plan a family weekend outing.

Pattonglenpar 3 golf course

Our goal when we created the business was to offer golf to everyone and in the few years that we have seen significant growth, we believe that we have accomplished what we set out to do.

Located in beautiful Kahnawake, the course is a testament to all the wonderful things Mother Earth has given to us and we take pride in knowing that at least in one corner of the world, she will always be honored.

We are open, we are ready and we are waiting for you and your family to come and spend a wonderful afternoon in the country while soaking up some truly exceptional native culture.  Golf  ~ Pattonsglenpar3 way!

photo by: Keith Allison

Pattonsglenpar3 must begin to wind down for another season

The cold weather reminds us that golf season is about to come to an end, no matter how hard we try to prevent it from happening.  Unfortunately, living in a cold climate we must face the reality that here at PattonsglenPar3 Kahnawake golf, no matter how much we hate to do so, we have to wrap things up during the winter months.  We would like to take this time to thank all of you who took the time and spent an afternoon or evening golfing with us.  We hope that it was everything that you expected it would be and we look forward in the hopes that you will return for another great golf season, next year.

We anticipate that we should be re-opening sometime in the spring.  Be sure to follow our tweets @pattonsglenpar3 and  our facebook posts for more information.

While Pattonsglenpar3 must begin to wind down, there are many other ways to enjoy golf year round.

  • If you are an avid golfer, you may consider purchasing a small putting green to practice.
  • If putting is not  your style you could always take a trip south to play at one of the world’s top golf spots including; Aviara the 7007 yard Arnold Palmer resort course.  
  • Consider trying indoor golf or mini putt.
  • Practice golf and take golf courses to improve your game.
  • Play golf games on your computer or gaming device.

If all else fails, and you still need a daily dose of golf, the best way to enjoy golf during the winter months is to read and follow professional golf.   Hurry on over to the course while you can still squeeze in a game or two, before you know it, the chance will be gone.

Until next year, play hard and play safe but make sure your playing golf!

photo by: LeoAlmighty

Romance is in the air at Pattonsglenpar3

PattonsglenPar3_NewBrunswick golfDon’t consider golf a romantic night out with the spouse?

Think again! There is nothing more romantic for the avid golfer than a nice relaxing game of golf followed by a romantic dining in the golf clubhouse or a nearby restaurant, resort or other  facility.  Many golf clubhouses can accomodate couples seeking to spend a quiet romantic golf dinner in the clubhouse if you ask them in advance.  They can often offer a small corner table decorated with candles and flowers.

If your more inclined to have a romantic dinner in a real restaurant, plan to dine close to the golf course so you do have to travel far.

Finally, if you prefer to spend a nice relaxing night at home after a great day on the course, you should prepare in advance, so you will not be so tired when you arrive home.  You can pick up take out and pre-set the bathroom, spa or dinner table as the stage for you own apres golf soiree.  Place flowers, candles and decorations, such as;  golf balls with little hearts on the table, to add that special touch to the entire day.

Golf is romantic all on its’ own, while playing golf, your spouse and you can spend the entire day walking around and talking about things perhaps you do not get a chance to often enough.  This can improve your relationship.

If you are not an avid golfer yourself but would like to give your spouse a nice day out on the golf course, you could always spend a day getting a massage at the spa, while waiting for your partner to return from his or her golf game.  I can not think of a better way to spend a romantic day while both of you do relaxing things you enjoy.

Whatever choice you make, for an avid golfer, there is nothing more romantic than a day spent at the golf course with a loved one.

Add some golf spice into your life by spending a fun filled day at the Pattonsglenpar3 golf course this weekend, while it is more of a family type golf course, you can turn it into something special if you just give it a bit more thought!

For more romantic ideas, why not check out our friends blog, Romance Travel Magazine. com.

Golf is the sport of things.

It has often been said that horse racing is the sport of kings and if that is true, then golf can easily be defined as the sport of things.

Unlike many other sports, playing golf requires a considerable amount of equipment.  It is true that many public golf courses will rent equipment to play, however, if you want to be considered a true golfer, you must provide your own golfing supplies.  Equipment varies in both price and functionality.

Perhaps, this is the reason that golf is considered to be one of the most expensive sports to participate it.

Golf Equipment includes some or all of the following:

  • Golf apparel ~ shoes, gloves, shirts, socks, hats and skirts.
  • Golf accessories ~ balls, tees, etc.
  • Golf Clubs
  • Golf Carts or Caddies
  • Golf Bags

The only good thing about such a huge list is that if your spouse or family member is a golfer, you will always have great gift ideas.  The one thing that is more true about golfers than the fact that they must spend a huge amount of money on shopping for golf supplies, is the fact that golfers simply love to receive golfing products as gifts.

Traditionally speaking, many tournaments offer golf prizes as a means to attract golfers to play.  Corporations spend billions of dollars on golf prizes each year.  These are promotional items like golf umbrellas. They are offered free to charities and business that are hosting golf tournament fund raisers and is considered to be a normal and somewhat “expected” practice in the business world.

Golf promotional items are a great way to market your business during a golf tournament.

The next time you have a difficult time deciding what you will get your favourite golfer for a special occasion, why not consider purchasing a yearly membership at his or her favourite golf course?

If you are looking for something special for your family, why not do them a favor and purchase a family seasonal golf pass? This will  help to increase your families health and well being.

Don’t forget,  Pattonsglenspar3 is your family golf course located in the heart of Kahnawake.  Come see what we have in the way of golf gifts, gadgets and goodies for your loved ones.  You just may be pleasantly surprised!

photo by: rikkis_refuge